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21.04.15 D-Stuttgart @ Goldmarks
22.04.15 D-Dresden @ Beatpol
24.04.15 D-Frankfurt @ Nachtleben
25.04.15 D-München @ Orangehouse
28.04.15 D-Münster @ Gleis 22
29.04.15 D-Berlin @ Monarch
30.04.15 D-Köln @ Kleiner Bogen @ CBE
02.05.15 D-Hannover @ Lux
03.05.15 D-Hamburg @ Prinzenbar
06.05.15 D-Bremen @ Lagerhaus
07.05.15 D-Dortmund @ FZW
14.05.15 CH-Zürich @ El Dorado
15.05.15 A-Graz @ PPC
17.05.15 A-Wien @ Arena (Small Hall)
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Chadwick Stokes - The Horse Comanche 23.01.2015 by Christian
Sorry guys... just in german for now. Try Google Translate.
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Dispatch is coming to Europe 29.05.2014 by Christian
If you're living in Europe and really want to see Dispatch - you can go to Germany or Switzerland to see Chad, Brad and Pete:

16. & 17.06.14 A-Graz @ PPC
18.06.14 CH-Zürich @ Komplex Club
20.06.14 D-Neuhausen Ob Eck @Southside Festival
22.06.14 D-Scheesel @ Hurricane Festival

Videos of the Livingroom Concert 26.05.2014 by Christian
Videos of the Livingroom Concert:

Chadwick Stokes Living Room Concert 18.03.2014 by Christian
Yesterday we went to Chadwick Stokes Living Room Concert in Hamburg. Right now, we're working on a film and getting it all together from several sources. Expect some live-footage, photos and a small journal about the concert. If you filmed at a Living Room Concert as well, we appreciated if you send us your footage via WeTransfer, DropBox,...

And if you feel bored at home, while waiting, you can still watch the old stuff :)
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qianyuqianxun wrote in Solid wood flooring is properly installed inside knowledge of a lot of stress:

Family people began to pay attention to the quality of life, a lot of friends home decoration when will choose to use wood flooring, wood flooring material relative to the general floor easier to clean and maintain. However, Corrosion diy deck solid wood flooring installation time is also very particular about, hereinafter friends to explain the wood floor installation knowledge, we can be concerned about. A solid wood floor installation steps.

1, first of all, to start cleaning up the construction site, the uneven ground corner, nook and other uneven places, trimmed the balance of the wall surface drilling, it is to install a little later baseboard, drilling is a technology live, you need to pay attention to medium height, even bored, depending on how long you have installed baseboard,The benefits of outdoor wall panel if there is 1.2 meters, it would probably drill 2-3 holes on it, this aspect of the baseboard when drilling is capable of binding local installation, finally, remember that the drilling device must be prevented in ambush inside wall of the circuit.

2, after doing the work ahead, we should clean the ground, respect means moisture-proof pad, because flexibility can effectively make up the surface of the imbalances moisture-proof pad, so as to achieve a flat surface, so that the wood after installation finished floor, stepped on it will feel different. After the moisture-proof mats Puwan, and also where the gap with tape paste, for fear of after prolonged use, moisture-proof pad will move, and the second is to enhance the anti-moisture properties. If the family needed to warm the device,Easy to install outdoor flooring then you need to change a little better mat to devices. 3, after the preceding basic work done, now start the installation of the wood flooring official.

Because the floor has caused the need to install and scattered, so the first part of the floor should sawn from the middle, the floor still saw some stress, and the first point, to choose some bad wood floors were divided into two, this can dispose of the bad, increase the utilization of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring do not take good According to Oh, Durable Balcony Flooring this will be an enormous loss; second, saw wood flooring is the place, this is the luxurious, wood in floor sawing, when the sky will fall Feisa dust everywhere, so easy to choose a clean place, ensuring solid wood flooring after installation is easy to clean.
qianyuqianxun wrote in Warm floor maintenance should such a "play":

Floor to warm gradually into the ordinary people, are aware of the wood floor surface maintenance it is very important to warm the floor has a comfortable and healthy, safe and reliable advantages,Sunscreen type balcony flooring but if improper cleaning and maintenance, then you have a lot of bother. Here we introduce the fields important to warm the floor cleaning and maintenance tips: 1, the initial use should be gradual heating, the use of geothermal floor, can a composite floors be planted consumers must pay attention to the gradual floor and underfloor heating.

When installed, the surface temperature should be maintained at around 18 ℃. Before installation, to cement the ground gradually warming up, increase the 5 ℃ every day, until the standard is reached about 18 ℃. During the first 3 days after the installation is complete, we must continue to maintain this temperature for 3 days before needed to heat up, eco friendly waterproof wpc tile and only a day to heat up 5 ℃. The first use of geothermal heating, attention should be slow to heat up. First use, three days before the start of heating to the gradual warming: the first day the water temperature 18 ℃, the next day 25 ℃,Low maintenance teak boat decking the third day of 30 ℃, the temperature rose to normal before the fourth day, the water temperature is 45 ℃, the surface temperature of 28 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Not heat up too fast, too fast, the floor may occur due to expansion cracks distortions.

After a long time the geothermal heating system is enabled again, I want to be like the first time, as strict accordance with the heating temperature program. 2, the surface temperature is not too high, it is noted that the use of geothermal heating, surface temperature should not exceed 28 ℃, the water temperature should not exceed 45 ℃, if more than this temperature,diy synthetic ice wood panel it will affect the life of the floor and use cycle. The average family, the winter temperature reaches about 22 ℃,long life environmentally friendly flooring it is very comfortable, normal warming, it will not affect the use of geothermal floor.

3, closed geothermal system, pay attention to gradual cooling over the season, when the weather warms up, indoor heating is no longer required geothermal system, attention should be closed geothermal system should have a process, wood plastic pavilion uk the cooling process of the floor should be gradual, non-sag if the cooling rate is too fast, it will also affect the life of the floor. 4, when the room is too dry,Corrosion diy deck you can consider humidification, dry climate, coupled with the use of geothermal heating under the floor a long time in high temperature conditions, easy to dry, then the owners need to give room humidification, in order to avoid deformation of dry wood.
JamaalCharles wrote in Popular brand Michael Kors Bags:

Sea Amoy army favorite popular brand Michael Kors, minimalist style has been in power, and now the position is simply flourishing, not only sought after by girls in North America, even my sister is also a heavenly congregation phase chase. MICHAEL Michael Kors - its cards on the style than the Kate spade compared to more mature, with a son to fight the cause of the royal sister temperament.
    "Jet Set is the eternal charm - no matter when and where, every step confident and elegant, sexy and stylish." This is the Michael Kors brand concept. As if overnight, the designer brand from the United States will suddenly burst of red, it will become the year's hottest brands. Say credit, have to say is their home explosion models selma series. Stylish, practical design, moderate prices, it has become almost necessary manpower of the package. Stars love the back collar, the price close to the people but also beautiful and practical, is the industry's conscience bag industry.
Wake up your life, just a Michael Kors bag
    Supermodel Jessica - Alba and Miranda - children are Michael Kors fans. As with the hot mom they have a trumpet selma, practical and stylish design for girls of all ages. Michael Kors Selma ear package, is the star burst models of MK, one of the hottest styles. Depth-processing saffiano leather material, a type of crisp, shiny, great texture. Size is 33 * 25.5 * 15mm, the internal space is quite large, the inner layer has a zipper pocket and four multifunction pockets, zippers cap.
Wake up your life, just a Michael Kors bag 1
    Girls' Generation member Seohyun this white selma bag can be described as a very high rate of appearance, practical design makes it wild Seohyun love it.
Wake up your life, just a Michael Kors bag 2
    Zhang Xin Yi sister is a big fan of Michael Kors. Handsome blue leather with gray selma large bag, full of cool but yet feminine. The MK bag taking the minimalist design line, a little too large, but the profile of stiff atmosphere, unlike other bag looks so gentle casual, but no use is more practical, back to work, no problem.
    "Fashion power enough to change a person, let you distribute unique charm, I have no doubt. There is nothing like it can give you life and mood changes brought withering joy. No matter who you are, you want to who become, without words, your dress will sound for you "-. Michael Kors
    Total to buy their own expensive underwear woman love to enjoy, always to buy their own cosmetics woman love beautiful, always pack a pair of shoes to their love life is a woman. Nothing love to buy is not the future did not desire often not interested in advantages. Seeding is not necessarily strong, there may be confused.
    Not just the difference between the value of the Yen before us and goddesses, as well as the pursuit of a beautiful, nice attitude to life. Even if things do not buy, then what meaning does life, so that my brilliant is our life.
    Day only 24 hours, we have to race against time to live it a nice look. Life should be a fall in love with yourself, take seriously their process, we who can not perfunctory perfunctory own ah. Dear you do not please the world, only to please yourself can be. You respect life attitude, you can make in the workplace, in the emotional aspects are very positive, the formation of a positive energy cycle ah.
    So, this eating Amway you are fighting is not burst table searches around major shopping sites, [url=]giftmk[/url], purchasing?
qianyuqianxun wrote in Teak floor care moves:

Traditional solid wood flooring is just a general term, it contains a lot of material categories, today we want to introduce is that it's one of the categories teak flooring, do not know whether there are people at home used teak flooring, whether it have some understanding, if not and will I do not know, it does not matter,New materials-garden-decoration then we work together to learn something about teak floor maintenance knowledge. Teak floor wax - waxing step teak flooring, teak wood floor waxing to use tools multi-washing machine, vacuum cleaner water, high-speed polishing machine, dry machine, wax or a tiger dragging folders, towels, pressing water tankers, working signs and wipes and the like.

Teak floor waxing agents to have high polished surface wax, base wax, wax-free parabolic, floor cleaners, all-around water, mild detergent. Teak floor waxing method: teak floor paint can be directly without waxing, hot wax is generally by hand, that is, paraffin, also known as pouring wax. First floor wax after melting temperature, the temperature is maintained at about 80 to 100 degrees, then the respective tool will wax poured directly on the teak floor,cheap wood flooring in Sydney after being absorbed by the floor wax dipped deep into the floor inside, and then through the high temperature hot plate or hot iron and scalding or repair the floor surface. Teak flooring surface reaches so no joints, no traces after the effect, and then polished, and finally achieve the effect of bright as a mirror, bringing the teak floor waxing is completed.

Teak floor wax - teak floor waxing benefits 1, the teak floor waxing effectively protect the floor surface from damage, it is not natural weathering and prolong life. 2, floor waxing can increase the gloss of the floor, so the floor is more beautiful visual effects, glorious position. 3, waxing slip is also very important. 4,best outdoor waterproof flooring after waxing teak floor cleaning will be more convenient, teak floor wax - waxing precautions 1, complete teak floor waxing, not deep grinding. There is no ground to feel smooth to barb. 2, not because teak deep grinding, if improper operation, polished too deep a "blur" phenomenon must not be directly waxed shall give full oxidation time, unified in color after waxing.

3. The gap between the floor of a large, polished teak floors available powder mixed with liquid wax caulking, then wax. Long ago, people almost do not know this kind of thing floor wax, floor wax does not exist with the maintenance of the floor, if you really care to talk about it, probably with clean utensils dragged about the floor, to the extent it clean it is now more and more people learn knowledge, of course, know that the floor needs maintenance,decking handrails and balustrades china suppliers but this is not a bad thing, after all, also indirectly save money changing old floor.
qianyuqianxun wrote in Decoration wood floor maintenance essential source 10 Keywords:

Wood floor is now home decoration materials commonly used, but it has been plagued by maintenance problems many owners. Floor properly maintained, it can live up to 20 years or more. In daily life,[url=]environmentally friendly flooring[/url] in the end how to maintain the floor it? Xiaobian for you inventory 10 keywords floor maintenance, ready to lay flooring or wood flooring has been laid Own sure not to miss. Decoration wood floor maintenance essential source 10 keywords.
Keyword 1: oil, floor oil if not in time, will produce oil and color and so on. Small advice: In case of oil should be used immediately cleaners, water carefully wipe satisfied. 2 Keywords: daylight, direct sunlight, the ultraviolet light causes the floor paint surface cracks. In the decoration, the need to take this into account, [url=]Low maintenance wpc decking[/url]use curtains or blinds blocking direct sunlight floor. 3 Keywords: water, surface water after the floor, if not in time, will lead to the floor discoloration, water stains, and cracks and other phenomena. Should be wiped dry.
4 Keywords: agent, such as floor buildup on chemicals should be promptly Cleaners / water wipe satisfied. Small advice: After wiping the floor surface gloss will be reduced, should be timely waxing maintenance.Keywords 5: weights, finished floor after renovation, at the piano, refrigerators and other heavy plate to pave the way for protection against excessive local loading floor caused depressions and scratches. 6 Keywords: rain, wooden floor is essentially tired of aqueous. As it rain,[url=]Easy to install balcony flooring[/url] the floor surface will produce discoloration, cracks and other phenomena. So, after the renovation, the home floor should pay attention to moisture and water.
7 Keywords: air conditioning, prolonged use of air conditioning, indoor air will become very dry and prone to stretch the floor, leading to floor gap and audible. This is in preparation for the decoration of the owners must understand. 8 Keywords: pets, pet waste timber will produce alkaline corrosion, resulting in discoloration and stains the floor. If you have pets, this point also need to take into account. 9 Keywords: detergent, after the renovation, absolutely not use alkaline detergent wipe. Wood components and basic materials will react, resulting in varying floor or cause stains. After the use of cleaning agents to use wrung cloth. 10 Keywords: floor wax, renovations to choose a suitable floor wax. Before waxing, [url=]Inexpensive multi-purpose outdoor wpc flooring[/url]first in the corner of the room or other place not visible, try a small area of ​​the floor, make sure no problem and then begin full waxing.
BarbaraCarter wrote in Adidas Tubular Schuhe Online Shop:

Das Beste ist, [url=]Adidas Tubular Schuhe Online Shop[/url] dass den Erwerb Adidas Superstar Schuhe über Online-Plattformen ist, dass Sie die verschiedenen Vorteile verbringen. Sie müssen nicht einen [url=]Adidas Tubular Schuhe[/url] Spaziergang rund um die Community-Läden übernehmen oder zwischen den vielen Kunden auf eigene Faust quetschen.

Eine Reihe [url=]Adidas Tubular Runner[/url] von Online-Plattformen haben eine Eigenschaft Lieferservice und alles, was Sie zu tun ist, benötigt werden, zu rufen und eine Bestellung aufgeben und die Sneaker direkt vor der Tür erhalten. Es Motive sind vielfältig und variieren überall in der Natur. Ein Hauptgrund wird die qualitativ hochwertige Produkte werden jedes Jahr am laufenden Band halten. In der letzten Zeit hat sich das Unternehmen für Sie in verschiedenen Arten von Kleidung, Schuhe oder Stiefel und Accessoires zu spezialisieren begonnen. Das zentrale Produkt, das die Firma konzentriert sich auf ist Adidas Superstar Herrenschuhe. Diese wurden mit dem Komfort des Benutzers ausgelegt ist, das Ziel. Noch ein weiteres Produkt, das an Popularität gewinnt, könnte die Adidas Superstar Schuhe oder Stiefel sein, die positive Bewertungen über die Menschen in allen Altersgruppen erhalten haben.

Elemente [url=]Adidas Tubular Invader[/url] bei der Herstellung verwendet Einbeziehung Adidas Schuhe die Tennis-Schuhe sind aus Gummi hergestellt und Hirschleder Material, das resistent sind zu tragen. Das macht sie ideal für Out-of-Türen Veranstaltungen aller Art zur Schau tragen.
BarbaraCarter wrote in adidas homme pas cher:

La femme [url=]adidas femme pas cher[/url] obtenu l'inspiration de adidas Originals Gals Collection année plus de femmes habilitées à venir à se familiariser avec nous-mêmes à travers votre mythique. [url=]adidas nmd runner[/url] Obtenir l'électricité au sujet intérieur est une communauté fantastique, plus prendre un peu de chance de énumérés ici pour rechercher l'ego. La femelle professionnel agissant, Buff Bingbing ressemblant à un redoutable, plus braves filles signifie utiliser une beauté exceptionnelle ainsi que Wei Yan prises promotions de la marque de trèfle de votre année ou plus, qui sera magnifiquement interprète fille la créativité d'une marque. Clover salle de fée ou chambre web, variation HTML5 semblaient aussi être conçus à la suite d'une collaboration avec Mme

Une [url=]adidas pas cher[/url] collaboration avec Adidas à être embrassé plus sur les challengers. Alors que le quartier final avec 2012, le chiffre d'affaires a augmenté ci-dessus plus forte. Cela dit, l'entreprise est que changement de réservation de l'entreprise de la part des États-Unis viennent sur la question, seulement marqué dans la seconde, de sorte que vous pouvez faire des activités physiques deuxième plus importantes de Nike. Adidas Enterprise rognage un coût probable des revenus à partir de 2010 tout en bas. Pour la raison que, par exemple, les a recommandés à la suite de l'escroquerie à livrer ReBook organisations chinoises de restructuration à l'aide d'une assistance économique.

Adidas [url=]adidas homme pas cher[/url] probabilité pendant 4. district, il peut être pris dans un déficit. Cela dit, il est probablement par Herbert Hainer, semblable à ce créateur d'une avance de votre appareil similaire à 2012 de, la société a affiché un record pour les ventes, plus obtenir ces douze mois. Il a été promulgué par Adidas pour cela (ne pas oublier la nationale 8) cela semble maximiser votre 15 pour cent pour le reste de votre jeu, plus touché, de sorte que vous pouvez 344, 000, 000 £ créées par cette année de sorte que vous pouvez Septembre a augmenté ses ventes a frappé 13 pour cent plus, vous permettant de cinq. plusieurs millions de livres. Cela a pris conscience que les attentes du marché au préalable. Un expert forte est interviewé par Reuters, mais il semblait probable par le chiot à l'avance du fait que les ventes ordinaires, tandis que dans le dernier trimestre avec Adidas mis cinq. £ 15 millions, ainsi que le salaire cible est à venir, de sorte que vous pouvez 335, 000, 000 livres.
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