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The three guys Brad Corrigan, Pete Heimbold and Chad Urmston got into contact through the bands Hermit Trush and Woodriver Bandits and are now known as Dispatch. It was not sure if this kind of music gonna works. All three played guitar and sang and that is not normal for a band. So they tried out other instruments. Brad learned drums and Pete bass. The name of the band wasn't clear from the first.

They first called themselves One Fell Swoop. But another band from St. Louis has had this name already claimed that they have to change their name. So they chose Dispatch and that was their name since 1996.

The music is a mix of folk, rock, reggae and funk. All of them are song writers, so the songs sounds very different and aren't all equal in their sounds. The got offers from major labels several times, but always declined them. The reason for that is, that elsewhere they wouldn't have had such a musical freedom with a major label.

They broke up in the year 2002 because they differed about the direction the Band should take. So in 2004 they played their last concert in Boston (Hatch Shell). It was crowd of over 110.000 people and known as the biggest independent music concert up to now.

In 2005 (29.07) they came together again for the "Last Dispatch". It's a documentation about Dispatch wich were first shown in the Somerville Theatre, Boston.


Silent Steeples
Dispatch's first real cd. Some songs from the 'Hermit Trush' and 'Woodriver Bandids' time but of course a lot of new songs, too. This album is more acoustic than the following albums. On a few tracks, Dispatch is backed by a flute such as 'Seasons: Movement III'. There are two new songs on the remastered edition called Craze and Otherside.
Bang Bang
This album is less acoustic than 'Silent Steeples'. On that album you find well known tracks such as 'The General', 'Here We Go' or 'Bats in the Belfry'.
Wide Right Turns
This isn't an official album release. It's a sampler from mp3.com. There was a big run on Dispatch mp3s, so mp3.com released this sampler.
Four-Day Trials
Some critics could say that the catchy tunes are missing on that cd, because songs like 'Here We Go' and 'Mission' has been already released on the 'Bang Bang' album and 'Headlights' on 'Who Are We Living For?'. Despite that fact, this album has a special groove and is very rhythmically.
Who Are We Living For?
A funky cd with distorted guitars and variety of many tracks on it. The remastered cd has even 4 more tracks.
Gut The Van
Finally a official live cd besides the many bootlegs. You find 23 songs on the two cd in a good recording quality. Simply one or two songs from cd 2 got a reduction in quality.
Under The Radar
This is the first Dispatch dvd. There are 19 tracks from several concerts on it. After every song, you see things like interviews, band rehearsal or unkown songs. Also specials like Chads 'How's your News' project, a video from Here We Go' and more.
All Points Bulletin
'All Points Bulletin' has two cds and a dvd. The cds containing live recordings from the Somerville and Hatch Shell concert and the dvd has the best songs from both concerts. There are also specials on the dvd such as 'Remake Me' or the 'Bats in the Belfy' video.
The Relief Project: Vol. I
The Relief Project is a charity performance of many artists. The proceeds of the concert and cd sales will be spent.
The Last Dispatch
This is a documentary about the days and weeks before and after the last Dispatch show 2004.
Dispatch Zimbabwe
This is a DVD and CD combination with a mix of songs from all three nights at the MSG.
Dispatch EP
After many years Dispatch has formed a band again. They produced and released this EP before their summer tour 2011.
Cirlces Around The Sun
After 12 years after their last album „Who are we living for“ this is the fifth studio album of Dispatch.
Unreleased Songs
Here are some tabs and lyrics to unreleased songs.


The offical homepage of the guys has songs to listen, pictures, links and more.
Archive.org Live Music
About 20 shows are online and ready to download. Amongst others also the Middlebury College show from 1996.
Section 17
This is a site for Dispatch bass tabs.