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Woodriver Bandits were founded in the year 1995 and was a project of Pete Heimbold und Brad Corrigan. Both of them were at the Middlebury College in Vermont and met each other. Brad got an advice of a friend that someone at his school like to play a lot guitar and this one was Pete. So they jammed hours and hours together.

They played in that formation the whole spring and summer 1995. In the end of the summer, they recorded the demo tape 'Little Hannah'. In the same time, Pete has had already contact with Chad and their band 'Hermit Thrush'. Because of that, the three got into contact and in the end of the Woodriver Bandits time, they already played together.


Tape 1993
This is old Woodriver Bandits Tape. At that time, the band was Brad Corrigan (Vocals, Guitar), Brad Cohen (Drums, Vocals), Davis Coombe (Vovals, Guitar) und Tim Patterson (Vocals, Bass, Harp.).
Little Hannah
This album from Pete and Brad has 8 tracks. Songs such as Walk With Your or Water Stop are well known, but there are also some unknown songs on it. The recording quality is moderate.
The Power Of The Self Soundtrack
This isn't a complete Woodriver Bandits album, but two tracks of a soundtrack cd that was made for a film called 'The Power of the Self Soundtrack'. The song 'Remake Me' is with Chad.