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Even, written by Chad, tells the story of a young soldier in the war (Probably WWII) hiding from the enemy tanks.

Even is on the record 'Who Are We Living For' which was recorded from december 1999 to may 2000. The song was mixed by Jeff Glixman.
The song has a special value for the band especially for Chad because the inspiration for this song came from the memoirs and journals of his grandfather, who recorded and wrote down a lot of things during the time that he served as a soldier during the war. On the DVD 'Under The Radar' you can hear a clip on which grandfather Urmston is telling us "that the enemy had detected them and that they were under fire".

Dispatch had a close relationship to the grandfather. Chad said on 'Under The Radar' that his grandfather would sit in front of the loud speakers to hear new Dispatch songs and would give a thumbs up if he liked the song. During the recording of 'Who Are We Living For' the grandfather died but even so Chad wanted to record the song as a tribute to his grandfather.