Pete started his solo career in 2001, in times, when dispatch also has had their active time. He was signed on a major label called Hollywood Records. Since the album "Good To Finally Know" he releases his stuff under his own label "Scrapper Records".The music can be descriped as a mix of pop and rock.

The first album has pretty much of the dispatch style, but his style changed a bit over the years.


So They Say
While Dispatch has had their active time, this album has been released. You can't compare Pete's music with Braddigan's, since there are some differences. It's more like a pop sound.
This album has a good mixture of pop songs. Song tips are 'Burning the River' und 'Untold'.
Good To Finally Know
'Good To Finally Know' is similar to the albums before but have to admit, that the catchy tune is missing on that cd in my opinion.
The Relief Project: Vol. I
The Relief Project is a charity performance of many artists. The proceeds of the concert and cd sales will be spent.
Everything Is One
This album has been recorded together with Craig Dreyer. So some of the songs on the album are coming from him and not just from Pete. For little extra costs, you get also a DVD with some bonus stuff on it.
Iron Sea and The Calvary
This is again a solo album by Pete which goes in the direction of more folky and country'ish tunes.


There you'll find some songs to download, news, infos and more.
MySpace Pete Francis
On his MySpace page you'll find announcements for new shows, songs to listen and general informations. Live Music
You can get about 10 live shows to download.