Chad Urmston is the leader of State Radio, a rock/reggae band that was founded in 2002, after the official end of Dispatch.

They were called 'The Flag of the Shiners' in the first 5 months and recorded their self titled EP. At that time, the band was Chad Urmston on vocals and guitar, Mike Greenfield (from The Ally) on drums, Pete Halby on guitar, and Matt Taheny on bass. Brian Sayers as left State Radio on march 2006. The current lineup is Chad Urmston on guitar and vocals, Mike Najarian on drums, and Chuck Fay on bass and backup vocals. These three guys form the band State Radio. Their lyrics are more politcal than former times with Dispatch, pushing for political change and knowledge of the political system.


Flag Of The Shiners
This is the first EP and shows the direction of music, that State Radio want to play. A hard, rocking sound, mixed with a reggae groove.
Simmer Kane
This EP is a really chill acoustic cd. Harmonies are supported by Erin Lashnitz.
State Radio Promo CD
On this promo CD are a few old and new songs. This CD was released on the last dispatch concert to spread word of State Radio.
Peace Between Nations
There are two versions of this EP. A good mixture of slow and fast songs, defining the direction that State Radio is taking.
Us Against the Crown
State Radio's first LP offers a wide range of different music styles. You have reggae songs like Right Me Up, more rockier songs like Calvado's Chopper and slow stuff like Riddle in Londontown.
Us Against The Crown - Bonus Disc
This bonus disc was shipped to the first 300 people who preordered the album. It contains 7 tracks from the unplugged concert in Vancouver, BC on November 28th, 2005.
The Relief Project: Vol. I
The Relief Project is a charity performance of many artists. The proceeds of the concert and cd sales will be spent.
The Barn Sessions
This album has alternative takes from the "Us Against the Crown" studio session and has even two songs on it (Olli Olli and Give You All My Time To Save) that were so far unreleased.
Wicker Plane Single
These single has besides Wicker Plane two other songs on it and gives a good impression of the upcoming Album "Year of the Crow".
Year Of The Crow
Some weren't happy with the production of the last album Us Against the Crown because it hasn't reflected the power the band has live. The criticism has been taken to heart and the new album is in a raw rocking style that has more similarity with the older EPs.
Diese EP wurde während den Konzerten in den UK verteilt.
Rabbit Inn Rebellion
Coming soon...
Unreleased Songs
Here are some tabs and lyrics to unreleased songs.


Great homepage. With news, media section with songs, pictures, etc. updated on a weekly basis.
Official Forum - Red Letter Tribe
Place for all fans of State Radio to congregate and discuss the band, other music, or politics.
ccbSayIt is great fansite for State Radio stuff, including wallpapers, setlists, info about new shows, downloads, lyrics and more.
MySpace State Radio
The MySpace page of State Radio has tour dates and, from time to time, updated streaming songs. Live Music
Many State Radio shows online and ready to download.